The Wild Wild Rajon. PT1

I have a friend named Rajon. Its hard to say that he’s a good guy, but he has definitely lived one hell of a life in the short time that I’ve known him. Rajon comes off as one of those guys who has plenty of street intelligence. When you speak to him, he’s knowledgeable about how certain things work. He doesn’t know a lot about academic subjects like politics, history, econ, etc. But Rajon can grasp those concepts if explained to him really well. All this and well Rajon has this desire to run the streets. He runs it on and he runs it off.

Now that I’ve given you a background on Rajon, lets get on with this life story:

I met Rajon when I was a part of the fundamentalist sect. I showed up to the temple one Sunday and he was there. He was the only male there who looked under 24. I had heard of Rajon through my best friend Lauren. They went to the same high school. When I joined the temple, she asked me if I knew who he was. She’d say, ” best friend, he was one of those guys who smoked a lot of weed in high school best friend, are you going to start smoking weed best friend?” He sounded normal. When we met for the first time, he was discussing how he came back from playing football in California. He was back in BR trying to get his grades up, and he knew some guys that I went to high school with. Rajon started running a story to me about how he got into it with some guys on a practice field recently. Rajon is a lightskinned black guy who looks shorter than he is. He is about 6 feet tall and has a toned muscular build. He is the type of guy that could eat bad and be 270 pounds or workout everyday and be ripped. He was a linebacker in college. We exchanged numbers, but I thought we’d never really contact each other. I was wrong.

I came back to Grambling for my senior year, and I went to my advisor in the Assembly Center to register for classes. When I finish, I walked out and I saw Rajon chopping it up with another guy. We were both shocked. He said, ” BOYYY , I THOUGHT YOU WAS GONE BE ON THAT YARD IN BR???”. We walked off, and started talking. Rajon had registered at Grambling because his trainer in Baton Rouge had the connections to get him on the football team. Rajon didn’t come to Grambling with much. He packed a few clothes, and came here. He had food stamps to get food, and a Pell grant to pay for school. Rajon had no money. Me and brother Shawn gave him money to get his physical so he could play football. The physical cost 11 dollars and he didn’t have it. He used to sell me some of his food stamps just so he could get hair cuts.

One time, I was walking to my girlfriend’s room after class and there was an event on the yard. The yard is what we call the common courtyard at HBCUs. There was a DJ there blasting music, and it was packed. There was a guy I noticed dancing on a bleacher by himself in the middle of the crowd. That dancing guy was Rajon. I gave him his food-stamp card back, and Rajon told me that he blew the 20$ a gave him on weed. He was high as hell. I laughed at him because that is what I do. I would let Rajon use my card to wash clothes, and I would tell him to only use 5 dollars on the card. He would use every cent on the card and leave me with nothing. I wouldn’t even be upset because I knew he didn’t have the money to wash clothes often. My parents gave me enough money to refill my card enough to meet my washing needs.

Rajon eventually made friends with other football players at the school. He found people there from BR that he knew and he had a squad. I was happy for him. I was a nerd, studious, and laid back kind of guy. Rajon wasn’t nerdy. He was a sports guy, and he loved women. He had sex with more women in one semester at Grambling than I did in 4 years there. He loved to come back and tell me the stories. I love a good story, so I loved to hear them. Even if they were things that I would never do, I still loved to hear his wild stories.

Rajon lived on the freshmen side of campus. He had been in school for 6 years, but the previous schools that he went to screwed him over. All of those football coaches registered him for classes that he could pass to keep him eligible to play. Most of his prerequisite classes weren’t taken. Some of those electives didn’t even transfer. He was basically a freshmen. His advisor at Grambling told him he’d need at least 3 more years to graduate. Imagine being in school for 6 years, and being told you have another 3 to go just for an undergrad degree?

The first semester of my senior year I applied to be an RA for the next semester on campus. The interviews were taking place on the freshmen side of campus. I walked over and I did my interview. I did not interview well, and I did not get the job. When I walked out of the building, I saw Rajon and his roommate standing on the corner. Rajon was fresh. He had all this polo on, and nice black polo boots. His roommate, who looked like a spinning image of lil boosie, was standing next to him. Cars were passing by honking at him, and people were walking by talking to him. I walked up and spoke. Rajon told me that he was selling dope on campus. I vividly remember him being proud and optimistic about what he was doing. He said to me, ” D, im going to make a million out here, its easy”. I laughed with him, and I was being a bad friend. I knew that Rajon was making a big mistake. I’d seen drug deal after drug deal get busted on campus. It was a common thing. He could sense that I even though I was laughing that I wasn’t with his new profession. He then got quiet and asked, ” Say D, let me come to your room and blow a few Ls later.” I told him no, and he told me he just asked because he was trying to see something. Maybe he was trying to see if I was really down or maybe he was trying to see if I was some kind of informant.

Whatever it was, Rajon let it go. The next few times I saw him. He was the big man on campus. He was always traveling with about 5 or 6 people. They all looked like freshmen. He was with this dark-skinned girl who was now his girlfriend. I ate lunch with them a few times, and she seemed to really like him. She was a lil hood which seemed like the type of woman that Rajon would want. One day, we went to her friend’s roommate and all three of them got high. I left and I just remember how weird it was. They were all getting high in the dark.

One day a little while later, I saw Rajon out in front of the cafeteria  and he was seemed frustrated. I asked him what was up with him. I noticed that his girlfriend wasn’t next to him. I just asked how she was doing and he replied, ” Fuck that ho, ion talk to her no more.” When I asked why, he just claimed that one day he walked in to his dorm and told her he didn’t want to be with her any more. She flipped out, started crying, and started trying to break everything in his room. She broke his flat screen tv. I was just happy that I didn’t have to deal with that.

During Rajon’s time as a dealer on campus, people were always in his room. His room always smelled like what I would assume Woodstock smelled like. It always smelled like weed; the RAs were always on his ass. For good reason too, they were paid to make sure people didn’t sell and smoke dope on campus. Rajon’s friend had so many fines for weed that he couldn’t even come back to school the next semester. He couldn’t register because he couldn’t afford to pay off the fines.

Rajon told me the RA’s burst into his room one night while he was sleep and inspected his dorm. He was very upset about it even though they didn’t fine him. RA’s are required to do checks, and they always came at random times. After that, Rajon wrote the housing office and asked for permission to stay off of campus. He showed me the letter and the English was very poor in the paper. I offered to edit it for him, but he didnt seem to interested in the editing. He was just enraged that they burst into his room. He was denied permission to stay off of campus the next semester. He rode back to BR with me, block, and my brother for Christmas break.

The next semester was even worse for Rajon. All that notoriety came back to haunt him. He was the guy on campus. He showed me how he was hiding his money and drugs. He had a Clorox bottle with compartments that he was hiding his weed and money in. He kept telling me that he needed a gun because “niggas thought they could try him.” He was wrong about needing a gun, but he was right about people trying him. I lent Rajon my mop and mop bucket to clean his room. One day I was on the freshmen side of campus at a baseball game. I decided to swing by and get my things from him. So, I called him and asked him where he was. He told me, ” Im at home”. I told him I was about to leave a baseball game, and I would be there in twenty minutes. he told me, ” No D, I left Grambling, Im never coming back, you are going to have to get it from my roommate.”

I was confused. My first thought was that Rajon was put out for selling dope, but that story wouldn’t be near crazy enough for Rajon. Rajon told me that someone posed as someone he knew, burst into his room armed, and robbed  him at gun point. They took all of the money and they took all of the drugs. After the situation, Rajon packed immediately. His mom came that night to pick him up and he never returned. He didnt check out with the RA’s or anything like that. Rajon just up and left. Now, he cant go back to school anywhere because Grambling put holds on his account and wont release his transcripts.

The next time I heard from Rajon. I had crossed the stage at Grambling, and I was getting my master’s degree at La Tech. Rajon had called me and told me that he was trying to get his life back right with God. He had started going to service regularly. He kept his haircut, sold papers, and starting eating bean soup. He got a job at the plant, and he was making a decent amount of money. He moved out of his dad’s home, and he was going to be giving a main sermon at the temple that he wanted me to come listen to. I told my roommate and he was shocked. He was like, “Rajon? Nawl, yall niggas trippin.” I was just as shocked as he was. He was calling me brother and he wasn’t cursing. We were discussing America and the world. He was telling me how he left this girl alone, he wasn’t smoking anymore.

That wasn’t the end of Rajon’s madness. This story has a part 2.



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